thursday 25/09/2008


wednesday 24/09/2008

Okay finally got him please close

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Im buying cards for 100-500 clintz
im buying any cards
pm me plz plz plz plz plz
if i dont accept it means i dont need it or i already have it
can u guys plz plz plz plz plz plz sell me cards for 100-500clintz

Please close, I have made a purchase.

Modz close this i got my deal

Please close

Quite cards were sold.

This subject is to be closed.

Thank you.

Will u trade anything else for a bball?

Please close this thread..
thanks ..

Close this.

Close it

He he he !

Dear Onionhead Boy, you have to clearly write which card(s) you'll give in return or the exact price.
I'm afraid I have to close it smiley

I can pay 400 for Methane pls or tell me how much you want for it. mail me your answer.


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