monday 01/09/2008

I'm looking for him for 600

Oh you're buying.. ok

I salle 250 cards hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Nanook 900
Hikiyousan 3500
Gaia 4100
Gabrielle 4100
Wee Lee 6500

Hey guys ill giv any1 a dalhia in exchange 4 there hawkins pm me 4 offers

Mod.pls close....all are sold!!!smileythanks

Buying Marina and Lulabee for a price way cheaper than the market,

PM me ur price.

Post ur offers or PM me for faster response

Tatane / Acid DC / Kawan / Amiral Ply / Emeth / Myke / Ricardo / Candy Jack / Corrina / Ingsthra / Lulabee.


Buying hawkins and katan !!

If any one has a steve card and is willing to sell it to me for less then 3000 then pm me thnx

Close the subjectsmiley

I'm looking for a hattori!!!!!!!!!!CHEAP

What do you want for gertrud?

Ill trade a casandra for bloodh

Selling all the new cards except shayna

sunday 31/08/2008

Note, crazysmallguy cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Is anyone willing to trade?

...sorry but at the moment I've just These Clints.smiley

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