saturday 20/09/2008

Im trying to buy Nahi Cr for around 20k
i know its a kinda below market price but that all i got right now
PM with offers

Lookin for Toro , I pay around 3k for him. PM

Lower than market price smileysmileysmiley no one wants to do that

Thats still to cheap kenny is 17k upwards

Mods please close thread. Deal is done.

Give me on private sales if you like my offer

Marina for 3k
pm me

Offering 150 clintz thats all i got

I need Hattori ( benny1) sold his beffor i PMed himsmiley SO please PM ME ur offers ! I need one hurrrry

How much do u want for anita

I have all of them

Hey ill sell u my kolos for 69 doll hairssmiley

I will buy it

friday 19/09/2008

Already been bought,
closing thread

Clossed this topic Please .. i made Enf salles .. I will reopen after when i will reply my doubles .. Thank you all !smiley

Hawkins hor 9k..!! offer me..!! smiley

Toro 2.5k
Methane 2.5k
Z3r0 D34d for 3k
Rolph 2k
Bristone 500

Actually, could someone close this? sorry. all deals are off.

Give me on private sales if you like my offer

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