monday 15/09/2008

Ill will pay 2k for sting and smokey pm whith offer

I need charlie, contact me

1500$ for lennox ...he is 8power and 9damage with other bangers....with timber he has 10 damage and can do a one shot ko(with furie)

100 clintz(take it or leave it)

I dont have it, but i offer 35000 clintz

I'd trade, but im not all that crazy about the leaders. sorry...

I have over 270 Different cards (Including several Cr's) + 20,000 Clintz... I'm looking for a Sigmund Cr.

If anyone has any serious offers please pm me, and if i accept your offer i'll notify you in the reply.

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Just pm.please

Any more offers?

If you dont need Macumba .. I migth have somthink eals in that price range PM me !

Close this please

Buying Svelthlana lvl 1 0 exp
200 clintz ea need 10 pcs

I am buying

Make it cheaper please... Really can't afford the market... Y_Y

Im looking to collect all the Ulu Watu so msg me with wat you have for sale and a price.smileysmiley

Hi im searching banned cards in elo to make the weak but funny banned elo deck pm if you have one

Ok now none are left so please close this subject moderaters

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