tuesday 12/08/2008

Just name your price smiley

Im trading my 0xp Jane ramba for a gaia at any level

Haha sorry dude all those cards put together are not even worth50k

I have both

Ok this is not good any more i got a offer for kati an got it

I will give you 1200 clintz for Blaaster (R)

How much for 1 lea (u) and lobo (U)

Sorry its supposed to be 45k...my bad

monday 11/08/2008

I'll buy for 8 600. Pm me. I'll have money tomorrow.

6000 clintz

Close this please

Plz close this post

Post offers I know hav over 65k and real amount is 67181k of clintz.

Plz pm me or post if you r willing to sell me a decent price.

Thnk u.

Lol you could get her on the market for less than that if patient

Spycee (U)
Gran Vista (C)
Amelia (C)
Aurelia (C)

750? PM me

I'm looking for a Josh card for 300 clintz please pm me

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