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friday 11/12/2009

No such guild exists?

We have ten members at this point

thursday 10/12/2009

Ok well we at scope have seen it ok to lower the bar NOW ACCEPTING LEVEL 20+

Recruitments hav started . join us!

Guards Of Valhalla

Hello everyone! Guards of Valhalla Is a brand new guild started for people who are serious about Urban Rivals. We are looking for anyone who is tired of being in lame guilds with unactive members, being disrespected, or looking for a team of friends. We are looking to build a fun community. We will have regular guild tournaments with clint and card prizes.

ANY LEVEL- We will start by taking anyone who is interested.
Must be active
Must post in guild forums
Must be supportive and respectful of all guild members.
Must have a serious love of urban rivals.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

wednesday 09/12/2009

Well you got it all in the title i want an active guild funny guild that accept jokes and stuff, so guys you have that ? PM me or just post here, PMs would be more easier for you cause i may not always open the intros.

PS please dont ask me to change my flag because of personal reasons smiley

thank you for your time



tuesday 08/12/2009

We welcome all players, and are encouraging rapid growth. If you need help understanding the game, you've just found a gold mine. smiley

There is only one guild of mostly active players we have recently added another recruit to are ranks we have over 24 thousand battle points and I am also active (online everyday) so you are almost to get accepted in the guild in the next 2 days also I am also a fan of the Junkz clan.
So what are you waiting for Join
Urban Alience Founded 2009 by clicking here

Yours truly Bomb ed 09 Guild founder
Urban Alience Founded 2009smiley

Join! You'll be able to say you helped found one the best guilds in UR!

A friendly adult player who is really a WoW addict who has been playing this in his waiting time and enjoying it a ton. Saying hello!

monday 07/12/2009

Join the Dreamers. We have over 40 members, high leveled players, guild events, active forums, game tips, cookies, and more.

Some how Kawan has managed to crash in to the side of a barn that mask must be on too tight I told him to sort it out to bad he was doing very well.

It seems that this post worked we now have a new recruit we welcome him with open arms and to say there are still 3 places left
till we start to refuse new members so join now or pay the price http://static.urban-rivals.com/img/smiley/mini1_star.gif

Again, C'mon! I really have to post this much to get people's attention I would love for my guild to become strong and it not even a week old, the ossibilities!!!, Battle tips, strategies, trading, cheap sells, events (depending if a person with high enough level joins!!!!) and more, everyone take a chance and try this incredibly active guild, next 4 to join will receive a special gift, does that make you wanna join?

sunday 06/12/2009

Of course I forgot the link .. that would be evil .. wouldnt it?

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