thursday 24/07/2008

How much for Vladimir?

Do u need bodenpower?

How about 9000

Why would someone need 38?

4500 for him

Sorry kolos has gon up 16000

Hey, as the title says im lookin for a CHEAP zatman. i dont have very many clintz at the moment. just like 2k or so and was just wondering if there are any of you out there generous enough to help me out. thanks a million.

Hi, i am looking for a bree, if anyone has one, preferrably lvl1 i will buy it from u for 630 clintz, i know it isnt market price but its all i have

450 for my MAX zoltan


Gheist collection for sale

!24-25K for the lot!,clan,asc,all,32,collection,)

Ok ill give you my Murphy for 4000 clintz

About 36850 as of now

What u want for wee lee ive got a robin

for Zdrone

I'll trade 4k and a Toro for yayoi

You they worth 44.1k right? you better offer more!

Bought everything
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