wednesday 23/07/2008

100 for bunny

I M just a starter so I cant offer much, I never winsmileysmiley can a give you a MAX Kevin for 1 kolos please?smiley

No1 will unless they really kind

Anyone have leviaton please sale to me.
for 6500.

Admins please close this thanks

I buy 5 Chad Bread Crs or 4 Swidz Crs
for 50000.
If anyone wants to sell in bulk, please look for me.

O.o ill buy ur Kolos

Looking for Rhed, Katan and Tyd. Hopefuly 3.5k for all but we can work it out. Thanks.

For My Levithonn
Either of the two

For Levithonn and Methane msg me if interested
Or any other trades out there

Just PM...

Please make it cheaper smiley

I got could cards for sell like robb,winnifred,otakool,eadh,goldie,hax if u intrst in any swnd me a message and we could trade it for good card

You cant sell to any one you havent purchased credits
me either

Samantha 200
Dorian 3000
Bryan 2500
Alec 2500
Msg me

Buying all the Sentinels Msg me price smiley


Apparently no one is willing to sell one ... mods pls close

Mods please close

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