wednesday 27/08/2008

? want these cards cheaper than market....please good offer me...

Me 2 .. 15k also .. pm me

Mods please close..already sold!!!smiley

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I got him

Nvm already bought.. mods please close this thread

All of those stated in nightmare for a vickie. not kenny alone. sorry mate.

7 grand for allsmiley

Both have been sold, moderators can close this topic.

Who likes chiro heresmileysmileysmiley
i'll sell it to yousmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 26/08/2008

Ill selle her for 7700
send me message for sale

I can sell u one for 3k

Ok why do u need her

No too much i'm looking for lennox for 650-700 clntz only..

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