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saturday 28/11/2009

Please close

Done, yo. The only time me and my peeps wanna be offendin' is during a battle when we lay a phat smackdown on your weak little dex...

Can you get Krazy?? If you can,come join us and get Krazy!!
Players that join must play at least a bit each week (we all have lives outside of UR).
Come join me DemonBladeR and the rest of the guild and get Krazy.
P.S - You must speak English.

NK notoriouskriminals is recruiting plz apply

friday 27/11/2009

Top 44National smiley

thursday 26/11/2009

The guild im in now isnt active at all and im looking for a guild with people i can talk to and play with
im lvl 14 and have a pirana deck and i think im pretty good ive beaten up to lvl 50s b4

wednesday 25/11/2009

Hello Everyone

The Guild Dark Tribe is looking for new fresh and shiny players from all over the world , that are trying to find theyre way around and have some fun.
If you like to play Urban Rivals than u in the right place

Everybody is Welcome
Dark Tribe

Check guild page and message admin or founder,


I have closed the recruitment for my guild for various reasons.

Therefore, I wish this thread to appear in the closed position.

Thank You.

Every person who creates and runs a guild is free to run it the way they choose. So yes, I'd say it looks that way Dreamed.

G'luck on rebuilding your guild Del-Boy.

Brought back

tuesday 24/11/2009

We have recently changed the guild to a 20 + guild

monday 23/11/2009

So all you couch potatoes, or whatever vegetable you are
come join us

Inside an abandoned lab, Vryer (C) mixes chemical solutions together. He had took a break from joining parts together - being a mad scientish is hard work! Mo DiFalco (C) casually enters the room. Realising there's an intruder, he pulls out an experimental laser gun and points it at him.

"What do you want" Vyrer asks.

Mo DiFalco (C) raises his hands up. Of course he needs something from Vryer (C)

"I need a chemical solution which makes people evil"

Vyrer begins cacking up. It was the dumbest thing he has ever heard.

"Why would I waste time doing that?"

"If I get this scoop, I'll be earning lots of cash... And you'll get half of my shares so you can invest in anything you want!"

Vyrer than starts thinking about it. He then lowers his gun.

"Alrite. I'll see what I can do. But you must give me half a million clintz, okay?"


Walk-in recruitment closed! But we will still be looking for members who meet our requirements. If you want to apply, simply get permission from our admins.

sunday 22/11/2009

You should close this,
He is staying in sanity,

Sorry for wasting time.

Dominance of Fate is open to all players level 15+
All i ask of the members is that you stay active.
We will build off each other, share strategies, and as a whole, become stronger.


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