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wednesday 18/11/2009

Try The Posse, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=544043

Bump in the Night
good luck with your guild
and have fun

There are only a few spots left in HoC before we lock it down.... looking for ELO players, active people, lvl 25th and higher.... mature, honest, loyal.

tuesday 17/11/2009

Still looking thanks lolsmiley

If you exist as pure awesome, then join this guid.

For serious.


monday 16/11/2009


sunday 15/11/2009

Join we are active,friendly and a great guild


A really fun guild must be active and talkative! 15+

Come join us guild:727251 we will help you with many things

The guild for my Asian brotheren. Any level, any nationallity (but must be Asian). Azn Pride!


saturday 14/11/2009


Try joining The Cunning Gambit.
The founder is really active, he's online most days.
We don't have any events at the moment but we're hoping to start some once we get a few more members.

Guild:234308 Is the link. Gl with this

Currently the 2nd best ranked guild in the UK, guild:708515 is looking for guilds to create alliances with. PM me or Dave1st if interested.

I would like to join because i want to be in a clan and be a succes in this game so i hope i can be in clan.

friday 13/11/2009

Definitely, i agree with X, I'm sure it will be a great guild!

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