saturday 26/07/2008

Would like to trade for Bryan. pm me

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Ill trade him for bryan or emeth

If you really have 160,000 clintz,
PM me, but if you don't have it, please don't waste my time smiley

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Do u still need help coz if u do i might be able to help even though im new to this aswell


I'll buy it for 750.

I will auction bridget full lvl bid starts at 1000clintz

Anyone willing to sell cards to me?

I am looking to buy the following:

Ice Jim

Just leave ur offers here and I'll be sure to get back to u...Thnx

Buying Crassus for 1k PM me anyone please...

Buying Gaia for 3500 clintz level 1 pm me

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U must be so crazy

500 for betenka

Ill buy clara for 1300

Your not getting it for that price it's over 5k

If anyone is willing to trade a full level mad dog for a full level Bruce let me know or if you want to trade a good Montana card for an Enzo let me know artax32

friday 25/07/2008

Phonos, Na Boh, Thomson, and Gastroboy for 800

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