wednesday 16/07/2008

I will give u 1.8k for python and kinjo plz

tuesday 15/07/2008

Wut cards from the pussycats and piranas do u want

Wut lvl are ya

Pm me if you have one for sale and plz give a GOOD price.

Pm me with a GOOD price

How Much for smokey, will buy for 100-950 clintz.

Dalhia, Charlie, Morphun, Kolos, Bloodh, Kenny, Tanaraeva, Thaumaturge cr, Miss Twice cr, Kerozinn cr, Selsya cr..

MSG me if your interested..

Give discounts pls..


Ok 19.5k deal

I am looking for a card that 6/7 that is cheap...If this card exists please tell me about it.

Pm me the price and plz give a good price.

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Lock already sold eklore

Can someone please colse this

Bought him mods please close

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Close plz

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