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thursday 12/11/2009

Accpeting all people level 9+ we are friendly smiley and are looking for some competive members that will be sure to represent us well! so if your intrested join Black Hellbound Demons TODAY!


Guild:749213 Although we are a new guild, I am a decent level, and can explain what you need to know about the game smiley There will be more experienced players probably coming, and we have a very active message board smiley

wednesday 11/11/2009

Sorry...Meant to put The Cunning Gambit

monday 09/11/2009

Please close this thread.
I will be making a new and updated thread soon.
Thank you.

Hmm i'll accept you, but try lowering you're expired battles smiley

and well i don't recommend fighting me smiley i can get pretty annoying at times
but yeah just lower you're lower expired battles then try out for the guild

sunday 08/11/2009

Brand new guild looking for members - we've only got 2 so far. we need 2 more not to get shut down. please help us out. smiley

Guild:728349 Here is the link

Thanks for the invite. I applied smiley

I wonder if there is any T2 exclusive guild that would like to accept me as a member.I started only 2 days ago yet I have managed to make a rather decent Nightmare Deck.Thanks in advance for your reply.

Come join my guild i use jungo to
and we will help you with whatever you need



Any Level
Not a ding dong
Here to have fun
...Basically "Anyone" can join

Yes. excuse me. WaRz0n3... my bad smiley wen u type it in, it automatically brings up all possiblities

saturday 07/11/2009

End of Prequel

For more fanfic action or the chance to write a fanfic for prizes then go to this page:


Also feel free to comment

Respect Our Authori-Tah is a "MATURE" guild to join you must meet these req. level 5+, any gender, age is allowed. I am not here to babysit you or to spoil you. I made this on my own free will. I dont plan on being the best I am here to just have fun. This clan is mainly for my own amusement. If you are interested in joining go to this link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=742289

UC is no longer recruiting sorry about all who missed out smiley

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