tuesday 01/07/2008

Both 4 kolos

9k please thanks f you do smileysmiley

Jane ramba for 4k

I want to start all new clan
so i want to trade them all for
all rescue cards
any offer post here or pm me

I have 120 rico not all max. What would you give?

I could offer u dorin and charlie pm me if u accept

I have kolos for 13k

O shoot i didnt read it nvm

I also have Sandy and Ice Jim

Close plz

I know smiley , but the deck it's good in elo so... smiley

Buying rico maxed for 350

Sorry, I already made a deal. I thought that this had disappeared a month ago. Mods close thread.

Close This Mods

What cn i gt for 240 clintz message me dude

As StormWhisper sad : Due to massive abuse of the lotteries that have been appearing here, ALL lotteries are hereby banned. All clintz should be returned. If they are not people participating in said lotteries can contact customer service with the link of the message and we will resolve the problem.

All messages for Lotteries will be refused, and should one slip through it will be closed.

Trading Tessa Cr for Splata Cr

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