friday 11/07/2008

I need Lost hog aswell

Pm me with your offers willing to trade

If miiro is meroo, i offer you 1200 clintz for him(or her? It isn't a totaly female..smiley.) ...

Can I buy Hawkins 4k please just pm mesmiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

I am buying all of your unused cards buy plz make it cheap like half the market price just sell in my private sale and ill buy it

smileysmileyBuying Dorian Zatmen or Jackie in spcial prce


Ill sell u swidz cr for 16k

Or sell for clintz msg me price

thursday 10/07/2008

Got any decent Allstars or Freaks?

I have all except Bloodh. Here are the prices i will sell for:

I got all except Bloodh

I am looking for toro's...if you have and want to sell- sell in to me privately in a fair price (2000) or if you want i have some cards for trade...for ex. swidz cr, zatman, ratanha...
you can message to me privately for a specific deal...

Thanks for all the all I need is Leviatonn...send me offers and what you need...i have no plz don't ask...

No one wants her????

Close please

Close i sold it alonggggg time ago smiley

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