thursday 31/07/2008

I have azel and nistarok

I have marina, robb, and oyoh

I have methane

If you have anita kerry marco steve or hax pm me with the price and the name of the card

Never mind plz close this post

Whatever happened to this?

wednesday 30/07/2008

Can I get her for 19500, please!

Close please

Close pls

Kolos is not a cr and hes not selling hes buying

Hey im lokking for a dalhia if ur willing to sell her name ur price

Looking to buy juicy lord for 5k if anyone is interested

Mods please close this subjet thanks

I will buy him for 100 to 150 clintz thank you

I sell katan in max level for 2000 clinz

Graff bball fifty lenoox platoona olga gibson hattori, and noodile, theese are rare cards that i am willing to trade,

Got One
Mods Please Close

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