thursday 07/08/2008

I just got all the cats

well if anyone is willing to sell their kenny just pm me plz

Olga - 2000
Eadh - 450
Hel - 1000
Akendram - 700
Dieter - 1500
Boris - 800

Can some one sell me Gil for 6,467 clintz please

Opps i meant looking for some cards lol and i dont need kerry

I have bloodh but want dahlia. anyone willing to trade? send me a message.


i want to buy Marlysa Cr for 215k Clintz smiley


Bloodh dalhia sting anderson hawkins

pls pm me with ur offer

wednesday 06/08/2008

How much for ambre

Moderator please close this subject. thank you

Kenny , Glorg and Sheitane will get you that Vickie, brandnew, untouched by gaming hands. smiley

If you have Taham i want him and haw much

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Mods Close This Please

I give 3 times Yayoi level 3 plus small clintz supplement. please send in your replies by business mp.

Close plz

Mods please close

I sell my TANK for 820! message me if you want to buy!

Go for Rescue ...use em in dailys....they'll help u gather clintz

I sell tank for 820!! smiley

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