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tuesday 30/09/2008

I buy Janine for 225 and Stanford for 200

Close this card sold

> 2k it's not a fair price; it's extortion

For 200 clintz plz smiley


Can someone please message me either on here or pm how much they want for her

Close please all have been sold

1 messages

Close please

-Close PLs-
Auction aLready finished....

-Thanks- smileysmiley

Jackie for 12500

Buying ottavia,pm me if you still have her.

Your offers are WAY too low. smiley

Post your offers...

Please close...thnx

Can u sell me lost hog

I am looking to buy
Vermyn N

please pm if you have one of these cards and we will work something out thank yousmiley

monday 29/09/2008

2 armanda cr 0xp

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