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saturday 14/02/2009

I have 4 and 5 star bangers contact me with your offers

Wait, nevermind, all sold out now

please close

friday 13/02/2009

For 4990 to 5k

Someone already posted the preset I wanted to make. No more need smiley

Please close.

Card now sold - please close

I have kirk, taigo and bruse. How much u have?

Note, bloody_vamp cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Close this, thank you

I have flyer i will sell for 400 it is fully leveld up

Looking for Kenny, i will buy it around 12k, give me a price please.

Buying cheap montana cards!

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Close pls

Any more offers, I'll buy right away

1 Borss for 138 pls

Myke 170
leo 330
at max lv
pm me

Close. it is going no where

That's why, like I said, Im seeing if there is a charitable person out there who has one of them.

I might change to 12k, but I'm afk now so just PM any time I will answer in about 4 hours smiley

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