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sunday 15/02/2009

Got her. close please.smiley

I've got like 1.2k

Cna anyone help?

Close plz, got Dalhia at a great price

I'll trade you my Splata Cr for your Tessa Cr

Hello everyone i am hoping to buy a Xu52 within the range of 1k under and 1k over the current market price so, im talking like 6000-8000. Anyone interested in selling between these prices sent me a private sale.
I may or may not accept. Ok thank you!

Any one who wants to trade my wendel i'm looking for shakra, hawkins and Dalhia

I'll take Ratanah please.

I have 3 jalil so we can trade

Give me a anita card for 1500

If u dont want ur hawkins and a dalhia please sell to me for at least 300 each please smiley i really want them

thnx-HA_striker french-si vous ne voulez que votre hawkins et Dalhia s'il vous plaît de me vendre au moins 300 pour chaque s'il vous plaît: Razz: i vraiment envie de lessmiley

spanish-si usted no desea que su Hawkins y un dalhia vender por favor que me de por lo menos 300 cada uno, por favor: RAZZ: quiero que ellos

saturday 14/02/2009

Price is negotiable

I have a vholt and and 2 bryans and am looking to trade them for vickie cr pm me quick if interested smiley

Lowered to 45000. Great deal for any level Tanaereva!

I think 12 Clara's will make up for a Kolos... Good Luck in finding a trader with Clara...smiley

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