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friday 26/09/2008

If ppl go over my bid is 40k that i can gt itll take 1 day

Pls close

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Murray 600

360 clintz

thursday 25/09/2008

29. Buy 8 1 (0 xp) - 2 940 Clintz sold by HellkiteDS, 75h, 59min left.

93. Buy 7 1 (0 xp) - 2 300 Clintz sold by GL__Alopias, 63h, 20min left.


I will buy him for 700 message me for more offers smileysmiley

What will u trade for nellie? pm me with offers

Sell to me for 120 or what ever price range he is in it will be most appreciated

Modz close this smiley got my splata

Mods close

Close post

This can be close now.


I have a max elvira if any1 wana offer me for it pm me

All sold - please close.


Got ratanah...

Please close this, Hax is sold.

Plz close I got deal

I have Skiner and Skullface Cr .

PM me with your offers.

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