saturday 21/06/2008

Or 9000

Guys, please read properly between the cards I "HAVE" and the cards I "WANT"!!!

Thank you

I take hattori and linda

Close thank you

Note, ownedlol cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Now hes worth more than what i sold him for

Also added uranus and 3000 clintz

Forget it...

mods plz close

14 messages

1k for katan

I'll trade u a maxed level Chiro

I will buy cr's, tell me your offers



dead eye

I would like trades better..... PM me!

Lol... i'm selling kenny not buying it!

How much for
Vladimir (U) x2 and Kolos (R) x2
Send ME mesage please...
Thanks smiley

Ok then ppl want the cards still im only sellin the clab at once for around 45k make offers ppl

Just found one! close please

Most of those cards are worth nearly twice as much as you are offering. I don't think anyone will be willing to sell them for any less that 10% off the market value.

Gary level 1 or 2 = 250clintz
Phonos level 1 or 2 = 200clintz
Mort Bax level 1 or 2 = 150clintz

Hawkins gotten.
Smokey for 400?

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