wednesday 02/07/2008

Note you can't sell cards
i doubt you have one
close this mod

Close this mod he already sold it (?()?)

Id like to trade my Kiki , as its a 1star atm, but the funny thing is, i would like a 5star Kiki in return smiley, ill ofcourse give a fair amount of Clintz to go for the trade.

msg me how much u would like for this dealio.

I have a Vickie I do not need. I am willing to give it away for a good deal. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY OFFERS IN THIS THREAD. Private Message me with your interest and I will tell you what I need for the sale. Thank you, and I think you will be surprised by this great deal.

Ok please close mods

Will Buy Glorg For 1800 clints!

If u want 2 sell put it in private sales nowsmileysmileysmiley.

I am selling vickie lv5 for 22500 on the market

Juts privet Sale me a.s.a.p


Got havok and miss chloe so kolos for chloe and 7k

Wait scarlett u am a lvl 22 i highly doubt u got 55k

All gone mods close please

Buying jackie 9k smileysmileysmiley

Sorry both closed

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