sunday 17/08/2008

Can ppl please send me some offers on sentinels cheap
pm me or just mesage here!!!
i want
swidz cr
tessa cr
dragan cr

Close.. sold

I'm looking to buy an Ottavia
pm me with offers.

Close please i just got her

Buying cheap spycee for 140-170 clintz
pm me your prefer price for the card thnx smiley

Come on!! All the above cards + Rosa for 4000

Buyin both of them
edd 1650
mona 2450
message me

Lol ok i want graf plzz

Any1 planning to sell Leviatton and Hawkins (U) for a cheaper price????

and these others too :
-Toro (U)
-Methane (R)
-Rhed (R)
-Sting (U)/Katan (R)
-Smokey (C)

really need em,

i wanna make a Piranas GHEIST deck

Buyin edd mona and Ottavia
message me for some deals

How much for sting???

I want to buy Loma Noju and Liu. i have currently got 2000 clintz. i can get more but if you want more you will have to wait. if you are willing to sell me ether of these cards for around 2000 clintz or less send me a message please because i will check my messages more than i check this. i will buy who ever sells me a card for the cheapest prise.

I have tank , dean and chiro i think all max , u trade me 3 other good cards for them and maybe ill accept it

saturday 16/08/2008

I sell theese characters:

-lvl 2(max) Morlha
-lvl 3(max) Acid Dc
-lvl 3(max) Zodiack
-lvl 3(max) Cell
-lvl 3(max) Elixir
-lvl 3(max) Elixir
-lvl 2(max) Mickey T

Just check the market if you wanna buy smiley

Can i buy eklore for 900 clintz on private sale smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Note, NightmareKid cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Not smart trying to scam a moderator, LOL... And good luck, sorry for always undercutting your Marlysa... XD

Buying her at any level for 11000

PM me offers

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