wednesday 18/06/2008

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"21/33Team Albania - Guru
Saturday 14/06, 14:45

Lock this topic"

Do u still have ur Lulabee? Please pm me ur price...

I want to buy alexei from U guyz for 660 clintz, Deal or no deal. first come first serve>

I want to sell her...
offer your best!
i am looking for some tessa cr....and more
you can offer even cards that aren't crs like gaia....and more!
clintz will NOT be accepted...

Jackie priced at 10k

Ur confusing me r u selling kolos? or dorian???

Jackie zatman and rubie

I will give you lost hog linda and nistrok for miss twise

Price too lower?

I am willing to trade jackie for morhun

if your willing to do it just pm me

When you auction a card, at least in the french forums the bid starts at 50clintz, in the case of the spanish is 10% of the cards total value

I also have tanaereva and will trade for

Miss Twice Cr (Cr), Tessa Cr (Cr), or Marlysa Cr (Cr)


if 1.5k, just private sell to me, anything higher pls pm me for a price

tuesday 17/06/2008

Mod pls close this i got one now...smiley

88 clintz a lolly an a akendram for your kolos

I hav hr n a lvl 3 will give for 185smiley

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