wednesday 06/08/2008

Hawkins bloodh dalhia anderson sting

pls pm me ur offer

Ill buy anything for 150 clintz
pm me what u wana sell

Looking for Kerry (R ) from Rescue for 5000 clintz ,pm me ,THX

I got Liu n Sting ur offer?

How much do you want??

How much you willing to let Lulabee go for???

Pm me if you have a offer,not here! it takes long to aply it on here

1000 and deal.

How much 4 goldie?

make offer which involves kenny

and please dont make an offer too low i will not reply to you

I have a maxxed onik for 800

Any 1 sellin Hawkins for cheap?

I am looking for these 2 all star so if you want to sell me one o both cards send me a pm

tuesday 05/08/2008

I will how much will you pay for it

Lulabee How Much?

I may have some cards but PM me w/ offers equal or less
i might go more if the difference isnt that much (1-250 clintz)

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