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saturday 11/10/2008

Please close

Mods can close. I've gotten all I can afford right now.

Never mind. mods please close

friday 10/10/2008

[SELL] Unagi 0 xp 500c
Selling 4x 1 star 0 xp Unagi (C) for 500c each

is it that hard to read?

All sold so please close the topic.

Roneck sell me coby plz for 2.5k

NO ONE HAS SENT A MESSAGE AND I AM SADsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley PLEASE CLOSE!!!!

LOL just wait a while until people buy more New Blood.

Okay message me back to buy from me its rare and maxed out with every thing so will u buy it or not

I'm want to buy ambre for around 14k. pm me ur offers.

Please close smileysmiley

Got Hawkins for 10,000 smiley and smokey for 1500 smiley

Please close this XD

Please close this XD

All cards sold

Sry I meant 115,000 including the last post


They are gone. Close

Go buy him for 2900 on market.

thursday 09/10/2008

If u pm me i will trade u hawkins for lulabee smiley

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