wednesday 02/07/2008

I am buying some pussycats. not the whole clan but some that are good

tuesday 01/07/2008

OkAY IF YOU WAnt to get rid of them put your price for all them together and i prob. buy them

Ill pay u 1,715 clintz and trade u Vladimir, Erepto for kenny

Seeing Sigmund Cr...

Im also looking for kolos

Close this i sold all

Preferably somewhere below market, otherwise there's no point asking here, is there? smiley

But yeah, I won't take it for anything more than 3000, so please don't ask that.

Other than that, If anyone feels generous, just PM me smiley

Both 4 kolos

9k please thanks f you do smileysmiley

Jane ramba for 4k

I want to start all new clan
so i want to trade them all for
all rescue cards
any offer post here or pm me

I have 120 rico not all max. What would you give?

I could offer u dorin and charlie pm me if u accept

I have kolos for 13k

O shoot i didnt read it nvm

I also have Sandy and Ice Jim

Close plz

I know smiley , but the deck it's good in elo so... smiley

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