tuesday 05/08/2008

Buying any banger card for under maerket price
pm me the prices

Hello everyone!
i posted a post on that i want many smokeys but t seems to not work well....
so i will buy saperately, in private sells so if someone has a smokey and can sell it to me for 800 clintz i will be thankful smiley
except from that- if someone has a lot of smokeys he can talk with me in private message for a trade....
i have many cards to trade like toro, olga, swidz cr, cassio cr, yayoi and more....
just PM me or PS me....smiley

Buying: Nightmare


only the cheapest pm me

Message me
ill pay like 600 for him

If any one wants to trade me Rass from ulu watu (1 star with 0exp) for Leo (c), Mario (u), and Windy Mor (u) all 1 star 0 exp that would be cool.

5500 thaknz

Hello, I am looking for 0 Exp Lilith(s) preferably below market price... smiley If you have bulk then I can also trade some cards... Thanks!

Would you sell? if so how much for liu?

monday 04/08/2008

Ill buy him for 2500 c
just mesasge me
ty =)

Buying buck from ulu watu

I've got Loma Noju 4* how much ??

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I buy

Mod, you can close this one. i have another sale out.


If ayone can get me a deal on rowdy just message me

Bump Does anyone have?

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