tuesday 17/06/2008

88 clintz a lolly an a akendram for your kolos

I hav hr n a lvl 3 will give for 185smiley


Nevermind i bought him off market for cheap just nowsmileysmileysmiley

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Note, damassta cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

You mean you'll give me a whole rescue clan for hem?


Is this a joke? cause it worth 4x that offer

I have put my emma lv4 on the market for 1600 clintz.Normal level 4 price 1750

PM me to work out details

I colection bangers

500 clintzi i offer you smiley smiley

Hi guys. pls private sell me a saddy card. preferably 3k. thanks!

Mods please close

I doubt any one would who is in there right mind would sell you a card that is worth at least 10k please offer a sensible price next time and stop wasting my precious bandwidth NO ONE WILL HAVE PITTY ON YOU offer at least half of what a card is worth next time. mOds do me a favour and please close this.

Hi im wishing to buy marina and i am willing to pay up to 5.3k

@ shadow bob why not sell the first card for the offered price minus 350


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