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friday 19/09/2008

Toro 2.5k
Methane 2.5k
Z3r0 D34d for 3k
Rolph 2k
Bristone 500

Actually, could someone close this? sorry. all deals are off.

Give me on private sales if you like my offer

Please close

Closse it pleasesmiley

Ok i got 14k and I'm hoping for some look in getting a cheap kolos.

Close please

Mods please close i have a deal

Leviatonn? PM me.. smiley

He doesn't look for a single of each.... but for a lot of each smiley good luck child smiley

All I need is Kirk smiley

I buy sentinels , junks , uluwalus market page 2 cards ...

plese sell cheap .. msg me

I buy (maxed or 0 exp same price)

hawk = 4200
lehane = 1700
rubie = 2800
zatman = 7k
skiner = 1.2k
coby = 2.7k

need more

put on private sale i will buy in 24 hrs of private sale

thursday 18/09/2008

I decided just to sell them in the market, but whoever opens this please sell Jackie for 1,500 clintz. Thanks. I want this close now.

Nvm, close


Do u have Azel or Kenny?

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