monday 28/07/2008

Mods please close

I am willing to pay 2k for buck

Lol...I want Lamar for 20k and nobody will give it to me xD

I'm buying Blaaster and Juicy Lord for less than 3444 don't care what level

What leader do u have?

What do you want for each?

sunday 27/07/2008

I have a timmy, what do you have to trade form sakrom or uppers?

Looking for good Sakhrom and Uppers. Possibly nightmare. PM if interested



I trade it for kenny and kolos and levitonn

10 k for kolos

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Would any1 swap me ninja nyne or gwen for my noon steevens thnx

Betting for Shooter 2

Bloodh for 5000

Its worth it.
a maxxed kolos cost 15000, i only sell at 14,500

Robin (C)

I'want page Cr if you have it send to me a private message

I got it never mind...please close this

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