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monday 06/10/2008

Buying zatman for around 7k. Message me.

Pls close smiley

Im buying the following cards...

miken moose 350
ratanah 2500
uranus 3500
petra 1200
murray 350

post your offers..or pm me....

The player do not have the card he is selling at the time of checking.

-Thread closed-

Buying full level Bloodh for $6,000 and partial level for $5,500 now.

Thread closed.

Close this mods

Ill buy both for 16k smiley

sunday 05/10/2008

Nope. Even if I did, I couldn't sell them to you ( I haven't bought credits yet ). Sorry. smiley

Timber and vansaar for 1.2k pm me plz i dont want to have
to find this post again

I'm buying Hawk for 3,800 Clintz.

Please message me in private. Much quicker response.

Thank you!

Sold please close thanks

I got Dalhia
Not sure if i'm gonna sell her though


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