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monday 02/11/2009

Do you want to be part of one of the top guilds in the US?
Do you want a guild that is fun and active?
Do you want members that will tend to your every need?
Do you want to join Noble Ashigaru

Requirements: level 15+
English is preffered but most people speak any language (except me ).
also you must play a minimum of once a month (which is 12 fights a year...) because we have inactivity boots for people who have most likely quit the game not that you would or anything. right?

"Question UM-1984
I love this game and I'm really really active but i'm only lv 25
can you let me in please, i have really good card!!"

Unfortunately UM is very strict on our 15+ rules
so there are no excpetions.

And I think Ervind means message him smiley

All players are welcome level 20 and up...


why did you leave? come and join us back roy

sunday 01/11/2009

If u want to take up my offer please post here

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If no one is joining the guild it's cause thsi is under [INTRO] N not [RECR], I thought the mods would've noticed by now smiley

I am looking for a clan


We are an up and coming guild founded by the wonderful Samurai Evo lvl 25+ PM me or Dave if you are interested!

Guild:735952 recrute les joueurs a partir du niveau 30 .

Nous recrutons les flooders ,eloman ,etc ...

notre devise est amite et solidarité.

Join The M.O.B.....You already got MOB on your name might as while join us!

Masters of Battle

Evil is growing. We are now a lot larger and our cards stack up well with some of the best. Doom is close at hand and you might as well go with the team that will win. Cos thats us.

If you are needing that battle hardened group to get you started .. and keep you going .. thats us.

We have an active tournament lounge a ready internal traders market (swap your extras, trade up to good stuff) and a great wonderful best one of a kind administrator (heck .. thats me)

So what are you waiting for? Join the dark side !


Join the Dreamers we have many high level player that can give you great advice for the game. We also have many activities within our forums. So apply today for the Dreamers.

P.S. We got cookies!!!!!

Guild:733034 smiley

I avent joined Organized konfusion since Upper class hasn't Pm me back.

but this isnt permenante. so keep an eye out for me.smiley

saturday 31/10/2009

Good evening to all my friends,

guild:216265 recruits of new members, we look for level 60 to go up in the classification world guilds.

Come numerous.


What if my blood is green what then? sorry for stupid post but you get a bumb

Hi guys im VVicked1 xD im new and i could use some help from peoples, like a guide, tips, etc etc. btw im looking for a clan im a fast learner xD

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