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wednesday 01/10/2008

If sent u the private sale but i wont keep it open long

Ok close this im selling only now pm if u want anythin

Market 6k 7k ish

Market is cheaper

Please close my thread.

Only miss chloe and hawkins are on sale ...
thanks ...

Jackie Vikcie Zatman for 49k smiley

How much for aurora

I want to buy Kerozinn Cr for 35000 clintz

Timber lvl 1 is a not fully evolved 5* ?

Yes I blacklisted him and asked an admin to block his multi. Guess I will close this
(thanks to Ninja-zero)

I am looking to buy
Willy (R)
Bodenpower (U)
Graff (R)
Meroo (C)
Vermyn N (U)

Cmon people i got a good amount of clintz with mesmiley

tuesday 30/09/2008

I stil have the cards but am getting stupid bids on them so please close

Just bought him for 630 Clintz thanks, you can close this!

You can close this subject

Ambre for 9k
or is that too cheap?smiley

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