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monday 29/09/2008

Where is the french forum??

Close this. i got them all

Close this. i got him.

Hello there my darlings
i would like one of you lovely people to sell me vickie for Montana
i would like to pay below market price
please message me either on here or PM me
thank you darlings

Striker Marina Liu all in all 7k...

Ooppss.. sory gyro .. is a card ..XD

Modz plz cloze

I didn't spam your message, I was making a fair point. Then I figured if I can't beat 'em, join 'em. Also, in terms of pricing, this is a free market, I can price however I like, raise your prices to beat me.

Hit me up if you get a Nistarok

Ok pls close

sunday 28/09/2008

Close pleaseee

Sold, could you please close my thread.

Close mod plz nobody wants it.

I have them bt there both full levels DX

Buying Meyen from GHEIST for 100 clintz!!!!!

850 for GaiaNoel

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