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monday 15/09/2008

I will sell you the ricardo card in his last form for 2000 clintz but what i really want for him is five credits you choose which one you will give me for him.

sunday 14/09/2008

Plz close this mods

Will trade or buy tell price mostly looking for lennox

Buying hax for 3833clintz

boght it all
close this

Sorry im getting him from some one else

Dude i hate to say it but they are way above market price

no one is gunna buy um

I buy 1-5 Caciope (C) at lev 1 .
1 Caciope (C) = 800

Ill pay 40k for one
pm or post here thank you

I have perle !

2 vermyn n

pm me of we got a deal.

I have 3 vermyn n for sale. ill take a good trade. no bads please. gheist or nightmares only.

If u get no trade . i bid 18k for both vermyn n and graff

I need Z3r0 D34d .
Pm me with offers

-close- please.

Just send em over my private sales.

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