thursday 24/07/2008

Bought everything
mods close this

Mods please close this

You cant get good card for 300clintz

Whats up? im looking for a bree so all i can pay is 630 clintz, but i really need 1, preferrably a lvl 1, but lvl 2 works also

Mario Flo Ashley and Amelia for 1100 clintz

Wow much money

For 5700 clitns!~

I only have 1612clints please be generous

Looking for the following cards for under market price. Thanks.

Mac Hen

Looking for some of Montana me.

wednesday 23/07/2008

I'm not buying but it all worth 40k

I will buy any crappy card for 50 clintz under market price if you have one just put it in my private sales

100 for bunny

I M just a starter so I cant offer much, I never winsmileysmiley can a give you a MAX Kevin for 1 kolos please?smiley

No1 will unless they really kind

Anyone have leviaton please sale to me.
for 6500.

Admins please close this thanks

I buy 5 Chad Bread Crs or 4 Swidz Crs
for 50000.
If anyone wants to sell in bulk, please look for me.

O.o ill buy ur Kolos

Looking for Rhed, Katan and Tyd. Hopefuly 3.5k for all but we can work it out. Thanks.

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