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thursday 11/09/2008

How bout yasuke

Pm me i trade for him and give u some clintz

Someone close this before more people waste their time.

I have 1195 and cards let me know if u r will to trade or sell

Hahaha i know how this works you will say "you trade first" then scam us i cant belive someone from my clan would do this, this post needs to be closed

wednesday 10/09/2008

Hey guys! i cannot buy hammer (all stars)on the market right now and i need to buy him for just a little less. i would be asking for around....1700 clintz thankyou.smiley

Buying wakai for 1k

Ok ill buy her for 14k
send me a sale
or message

I need Gabrielle, Sting, Hawkins.

Send message with what your asking.

I have goy zoltan plz may you close this subject

How many sell that card

plz close this thread

Trading my charlie maxxed for 0exp

Sweet irish is the current leader, any higher within 3 hours

if not sweet wins

Hi, i am buying a Sharon Card of Montana for not higher than 1150 clintz, if there are offers please just send a private trade, il be back 12 to 18 hours from now.. (sorry i have exams tomorrow lol) best offer will be bought, thanks!

Close please

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