sunday 27/07/2008

10 k for kolos

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Would any1 swap me ninja nyne or gwen for my noon steevens thnx

Betting for Shooter 2

Bloodh for 5000

Its worth it.
a maxxed kolos cost 15000, i only sell at 14,500

Robin (C)

I'want page Cr if you have it send to me a private message

I got it never mind...please close this

Close please

If anyone has her and would like to trade, i dont have much clintz but i have cards i could trade..or sell to buy her

I have. How much are you willing to pay?

Hi im buying tyd and i have 800-ish clintz to spend. So... if anyones selling for about that much plz post. Thnx.

Well this auction closed and we only had 2 bidders and no one else came to bid but still the winner is FRAK -BH-

Robb (R) for 1000

If you have Malmoth will buy for a not so high price

Buying leila or bb cool g smiley

Pm me with your offers. cheers smiley

Still no serious offer => I'll keep my cards. Moderators please close this topic.

Hi I want Methane for 2000 smiley

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