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monday 18/08/2008

Hello buddy how much for hawk?

250 for Rico!smiley

20k for all of em

wee lee

ill buy lower than market price pls... thanks

I've got 16.8k right now,

post whatever ur selling,

if it interests me i might buy them

specifically cheaper prices than the market.

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Kang for 400

or if you accept trades Kang for Rico

Yeah sure what do you want for it?

Elliott for 150 clintz

sunday 17/08/2008

I have a 4 set of GHIEST all maxed if your intrested, im willing to trade for all stars or Ulu Watu

5000 clintz

How much are you selling lennox for reasonal price

How much are you selling tanaereva

Goldie for 180 clintz or wheeler for 300 clintz

I came in knowing that, figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Might have to throw more money at this game and see what I get!

Justin, can i have a discount on your tyd? because i'm running low on clintz now cause i bought a deadeye and a sting. although you can reserve it for me until i get enough clintz.

kizzlipz can the price go lower?smiley

or guys i can trade you my cards.. problem is, i haven't bought any credits. smiley

Leviatonn : I can pay up to 8000 clintz.
Toro : I can pay up to 3000 clintz.
No Nam : I can pay up to 2500 clintz.
Bruce : I can pay up to 1500 clintz,
Wardog : I can pay up to 3500 clintz.

I'm purchating the cards and not buying them witch means that I simply buy it from you if your offer is lower than everyone elses in a spesific card.
I send you a private message if I want to buy your card.

@eye key master
at the market there is NOTHING like this the level 1s are 1200 and the 2 stars that are "used"(like 300 xp or more) are around 900. I am actually seling VERY cheap considering that if you were to buy a 1 star and train her she would probably end up with around 100 xp in the training room...so these cards are BETTER then buying a 1 star and training her yourself
@ elchew I will sell at 1000 NO LESS for the 35 xp because this is a special deal (if I still have it they were on the market for 1200 clints and are selling fast)

Buy them ur self they are cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!
tanner only costs like 500 clintz

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