sunday 27/07/2008

Hi I want Methane for 2000 smiley

Will any1 trade Kolos for Leviatonn and Havok

I need vansaar fully leveled tell me the price and if i say yes private sale vansaar to me

Buying Tank(U) or Dean(U) for cheaper price. Message me. Thanks!smiley

If you have a zdrone and are willing to sell it to me pm me with the price I M not stupid so dont make the price over market price pleasesmiley

@ShamedGod_LoA aw thats 2 million smileysmiley

Note, lvnt cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Hey i have crassus

Bondenpower for willy

Cuz i got like 7 ps and idk if i should buy the rest

Trade My linda for a Blaaster.Just pm me thnx.

Close plz

Mo DiFalco
Frankie Hi

K ill trade my tanaereva and hikiyousan for your miss twice cr

saturday 26/07/2008

I got him

Buying marco from rescue!!!!!!!

Buying marco for 3 000 clintz!!!

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