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monday 25/08/2008

Elya Cr for Tessa Cr + Ms Twice Cr

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It ends in 19 min!!

Buying them, post.

Sold lehane already please close this subject

I buying clara name ur price

Does anyone have Tank ?
I really need her
Hope i can get her a bit cheap but just say your price and ill answer

Only 5000 Clintz on Market to everyone now

Only need marco please pm me with the price and ill see thanks

If u say yes ill think sum sam cr

I'm looking for someone willing to sell me the ff cards for this much (prices of course are below ave. market value):

Marina: 4k
Liu: 2.5k
Loma Noju:1.8k

Edd: 1.2k
Mona: 2.5k

Rolph: 2k
Ludmilla: 2k
Methane: 2.25k
Toro: 2.25k

Just send me a message if you are interested in selling me one of these. Thanks for browsing.

I have Molly And Amiral Py

Buying RHED for 1000

Looking for Rubie for about 2.5k-2.7k. PM me or post your offers here

I want to sell my page as quick as i can...i want that hawk and 1.5k with it...we can discuss on the clintz added....anyway please someone and it have to be fast...

Pm me offers

Python for 801

Is there anyone who can sell me Methane for 2.5K? Thank you.

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