friday 25/07/2008

I buy Glorg for 1900, Ratanah for 1900

Got Striker, looking for the rest

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Mods plz close this thread thanks.

I got marco but i cant sell

I'm selling Splata for 57k
if you want to try to haggle p.m. me but it aint getting much cheaper

I want to buy Toro for 1300 clitz, if anybody has him please let me buy him

Like the name sais im selling gaia for 5500 clintz if you want to buy it pm me or post here

I can also add 1500 clintz for jackie

Has anyone got a chiro coz ill buy it for 200 - 250 clz

Please close

I have skiner and william for sale just make me an offer cause im sure we can work somethin out

Do anyboby has a Hikiyousan ??
i'll trade my Perle to your Hikiyousan
i really need it...smiley

Please if any offers pm mesmiley

I really need a lamar cr and i am willing to pay for it i have the money so please if you wanna sell one post here first ....smiley

Buying..!! crassus for 1.5k

Ill sell you Havok for 9k

He cant sell

Just some advice, noone is going to sell you ANY card for 100 clintz. The worst card in the Game is around 180. If you dont believe me, look at Diego.
Anyway, good luck at youre collectionsmiley


I agree but morlha does kill kolo kenny dalhai hawkin and rest of pirana and nightmare also freaks too

Give a number less than at then market and i will buy it smiley of trade a Banger any thing E.X. WILLY

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