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monday 25/08/2008

Ill give u 3.7k

Ok 7.5k

smileyill do it and add 3k

Your not even selling cards lol

Wee lee level one has been sold another great auction coming soon!!!
Please Close This Subject I Dont Know How!

@cypher: when i started the auction the lowest price on the market was 2200...
@play-fast: smiley read before write...

Thats onli abit off market

I have all exept wee lee


Buying her 2700 max....

Lulabee i gt 4 so 4 crs here i come

Never mind please close this subjact....thanks

Buying wee lee 7000 clintz

Pls sold me someone Melissa Cr for 83987clintz (i don´t more but i can earn 10000 from sold card)? i need them for my sentinels colection i have all sentinels but this card i don´t have. sorry for my english i´m czech and i´m 12 years old

Pm me any price and ill message u back
i will accept any offer under 3k and if it is worth it

Buying Noodile please post here how much for it. and then we can talk

551 llooll

At darkchilde: sure. pm me what you want to trade with

kaneholt: no thanks. smiley

fincho: sure how much?

Buying them, Send whisper with your price ty.

Looking for hawkins i want to buy him for around 6000 or a little higher.

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