sunday 20/07/2008

I will trade bryan, linda, and clara for hawkins, sting, and katan..

2k if u want him

I need them pm me with offers

Have all except
Leviatonn XU52 DJ Korr Cr Morphun Kenny Kolos
what crs you will give me for them

4.3k, shakra , noodile, and miken moose
for jackie

Thank you to CLOSE this subject.

I'm Sorry but I already sold these cards.

"AVE Tassadar - Imperator
Wednesday 16/07, 00:41

Close please. Thx"

Ill sell you them for 15k each

I will close the subject and i will sell it on the market. it's full xp and i hope will sell it for 4.4k

Note, Rescue911 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Moving an auction's end date for the convenience of the auction holder is very unnecessary and is considered bad business, hence there's a reserve price for the seller's have the option if he/she wants to sell the item or not if the reserve price is not met by the end date..go check any online bidding sites, once bidding starts, you can't adjust the end date for the auction..

Can you buy a rare card and sell it for cheapsmiley

Close this ill make new thread with a better deal

1000 clintz.

Ironfield for=350clintz

Iam buying olga for a minium of 1200clintz
plz someone sell me this card

I will buy her

saturday 19/07/2008

Lol how are u supposed 2 sell us a cell if u cant even cell it on the market!

I bought wanda so far...
no one has an extra gertrud to sale?


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