friday 01/08/2008

How much for Nanook?

Mods can close this subject now

thursday 31/07/2008

Starting at 240

Any one got a Janine ill pay up to 230

Hey im lokking to buy dalhia if u wanna offer post here

I have aldo prince jr and spyce 100 each

I have
prince jr
350 clintz can get u all 3

If nobody offers, i'll take any of the cards cheap

Please?? Anyone???

8577 is all I have
will it do?

Im buying buck from water for less then 2200$

Em 4500 for blaaster!i have it!

I want uranus for for 1500 or iwill give u my jeena and 500 clintz

I give u blaster and platoona

Ill buy somones Nympheea for 230

Close this

I want Toro for 1800 Thnxsmileysmileysmiley

Kolos (R) (R)
Kenny (R) (R)
Hel (C) (C)
K Cube (U) (U)
Dieter (C) (C)
Sheitane (U) (U)
Glorg (U) (U)
Timmy (R) (R)

Ben (C)
Armand (R)
Jeena (R)
Miken Moose (C)
Ratanah (U)
Noodile (C)
Yookie (C)
Rico (U)

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