thursday 17/07/2008

I want Sentinels
Copper,Miss Chloe or Chloe
Toro,Methane any of these plz thnx smiley

Havok? i got that, trade me card for it, no clintz

I buy Morphun for 5000 clints

I will take Methane for 2700

Old post

Mods please close.. already bought 1

PM me offers under market price. If it's not under market price I will not reply.

wednesday 16/07/2008

Any body can do me a deal nt a great deal of clintz but c wat we can arrange im looking for ambre jeeves kolos copper vicky dr saw anything good wont buy crap msg asap k

Swidz cr for:

juicy lord
b ball

pm me for where you stand

How much do you want for all 3 i ca come up with around 4000 and maybe more

Killer angelz is one but you needed to post this somewhere else

Well i got a bunch of all stars but i can't trade i need a code to be able to sell and trade

Cheapest price would be much appreciated, it's the last necessary Rescue so I can do Ultimate Type 1 Rescue. Would be up for a trade if you want Freaks/Piranas.

How much are u willing to pay for Sting (U)

PM him DO NOT post your offers here!smiley

Any1 got a cheap dahlia 4 sale

Pm me with a GOOD price plz

Selling rubie and glorg both 5 stars and 2.5k

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