tuesday 15/07/2008

How Much for smokey, will buy for 100-950 clintz.

Dalhia, Charlie, Morphun, Kolos, Bloodh, Kenny, Tanaraeva, Thaumaturge cr, Miss Twice cr, Kerozinn cr, Selsya cr..

MSG me if your interested..

Give discounts pls..


Ok 19.5k deal

I am looking for a card that 6/7 that is cheap...If this card exists please tell me about it.

Pm me the price and plz give a good price.

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Lock already sold eklore

Can someone please colse this

Bought him mods please close

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Close plz

I have
methane 2800
rhed 1100
corrina 1050
all rare cards

Close please

i am looking for jackie for Seldnor Cr

Can you sell me any Montana cards you have? thanks!

Selling jeena full lvl

330 for mojo?
360 for bunny?
600 for ironfeild?
If you accept please put them in my private sales.

Buying Eryik pm me price smiley

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