tuesday 22/07/2008

Close this plz i am going to put it back up again it seems i messed up with the description

monday 21/07/2008

Sold in private

PS: 180 an the market now, and 200 for the first full.

Can close this topic smiley

Will trade rares equaling up to his price, 11k about.

Rares and cards from GHEIST. Also Trading Kolos.

Like the title any crappy card you have

Ok so if u got any piranas u wanna sell to me jus post it here and if u want we will negoiate the price i am espacially looking for andsom(u) and im also willing to trade cards!

Mod close this please

No! dorian and zatman togeher is 10,200 clintz in d amrkets min price. but eryik is only 8,000 + clintz. so if brought in market u save 2,000 clintz!!!!!!!!!!

I take him for 600 c

Trade for leila + lennox + murphy + dahila?

@ The One


Close this subject the auction is over! some1 gave me a good offer thru a pm so i accepted it! I will b selling another 1 on the market max xp for market price!

@ HookJosh..yep..that account doesn't have 30k, however, his dual account has..

@ Trembline.."using multis are not allowed here.."

Moderator, please close this topik as the business is already done.

Plz close this

Hello anyone?

Mod pls close this..already sold...

No offers?? okay, mods. please do the honors and close this message. thank you

Close someone buy it out

Looking for a reasonable price, i have about 40k and cards

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