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tuesday 12/08/2008

I whould love some piranas

I'm buying some cards in bulk
Andsom 700 Per Piece
Tyd 650 - 680 Per Piece
Mayhem 600 Per Piece

If you have any other low value cards to sell in bulk PM me with offer.

I believe that he has those Crs max, and he wants to trade them to someone with the exact same Cr card, but at 0xp.

Close pls.. have one already

K thanks for the advice guys

Update the Tessa Cr's are gone, I'm just looking now for Skullface Cr, Reine Cr and Ambrose Cr. Also have other cards of value for trade. Currently I am just looking for Cr trades cause I want to complete my soleils

Srry i hit send on accident

and 4 spycee's (which should be like 750+ in a month)

Im buying mona for 2300 clintz

if you wanna sell it right away just private sale

Just name your price smiley

Im trading my 0xp Jane ramba for a gaia at any level

Haha sorry dude all those cards put together are not even worth50k

I have both

Ok this is not good any more i got a offer for kati an got it

I will give you 1200 clintz for Blaaster (R)

How much for 1 lea (u) and lobo (U)

Sorry its supposed to be 45k...my bad

monday 11/08/2008

I'll buy for 8 600. Pm me. I'll have money tomorrow.

6000 clintz

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