tuesday 08/07/2008

Well i have a lot of Kerosinn cr 0xp and i wanna trade then for a lot of melissa cr !!
if same one is intrested Mp me !!

thank you

Im selling it or tradeing it for equal value i got he for 245k PM me if ur intrested

Pm message me with your offers

I'm buying pirates plz list ur pirces with it too
-pm me and post offer here

Im looking for an Ambre at a cheaper price.
i will offer 7000 clintz for her
i will trade you one Miss Chloe.

any offers, pls PM me only. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
thank you

Katan 2500 below send it to me thx

Sorry nope

Pm me when you have a price smiley

Mods plz close but the cards are still for sale

From 1000 to 1450 clintz smiley

Mods please close this is like two months and i no longer have any doubles except for kolos smiley

800 for both

Who skull face

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Since 3 star was mentioned I assmume it's Aktara.

Just let him add some clintz that would be fine

How much for BB Q?

Trading my maxed level charlie for a 0xp one.

Anybody interested?
PM me.


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I got gaia maxed and gaia noel

Jackie is better than Kolos. Some low leveled people say that Kolos is better because he is a 1HITKO and High price.
But if Jackie wasn't banned from ELO she would be one of the most expensive card in the game besides Leaders and CR's
And Jackie could own Kolos if the both had bonus any way

Jackie=104 attack 6 damage Kolos 81 attack 4 damage

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