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wednesday 03/09/2008

Either msg me or post here, for what you could sell them to me for plz

Good evening fellow rivals,

I am interested in buying Dieter, Sheitane, Nistarok, and/or Kolos. All 4 are on the market right now and are worth 28,100 Clints. I'm willing to put down 20,000 for them. Anyone interested in a private trade?


Rivales compañeros de la buena tarde,

Estoy interesado en la compra de Dieter, de Sheitane, de Nistarok, y/o de Kolos. Los 4 están en el mercado ahora y valen 28.100 Clints. I' m que quiere poner 20.000 en el suelo para ellos. ¿Cualquier persona interesada en un comercio privado?


Rivaux semblables bonsoir,

Je suis intéressé à acheter Dieter, Sheitane, Nistarok, et/ou Kolos. Chacun des 4 est sur le marché en ce moment et vaut 28.100 Clints. I' ; m voulant déposer 20.000 pour eux. N'importe qui intéressé à un commerce privé ?


Colleghi rivali di buona sera,

Sono interessato nell'acquisto Dieter, Sheitane, Nistarok e/o del Kolos. Tutti e 4 le sono sul mercato ora e valgono 28.100 Clints. I' m. che vuole posare loro 20.000 per. Chiunque interessato ad un commercio riservato?



Hay im buying wee lee
if ayone has message me for a deal
ty all

tuesday 02/09/2008

Im looking to buy buck and wee lee
if ayone can get me a deal help a brotha out
anyway message me for deal
or send some kind of sale
ty all

Looking to buy Ombre Cr. If you have him and are willing to sell him at below current market, either PM me or post here. Thanks!

Close please

-Close This-

The Cards Were Sold

Close This Mods He Got It

Is it still available?

How do l i sell cards cause ill sell you uxoh

Ill buy for 10k now

In need of Smokey, Hawkins, Gabrielle, and Blood H. Anyone wanna cut me a deal?

Well how much for skumxxt

Hi, i search against my Lyse 0xp one guru full+something.
Call me b PM! smiley thk

I have

I would trade the seven for three of these

or for these two

It was sold smiley sorry force

I have got one ,close dis subject plz

I have one Wanda 0 xp, which i will sell cheaper than at the market

Check my sales if you want to trade smileysmileysmiley

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