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thursday 21/08/2008

I have esmeralda and splata cr for sale just pm me an offer

I buy Bloodh for 5500 or less. Just put in private shop and I'll buy.

750 for B ball

3k for hawkins

@Orange rocket Its a deal. Post a message here if you want to confirm

I buy all 1* Unagi u got!

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Sorry sold taham

Sorry i just sold it sum1 please close this subject

Pm me offers. thank you for those who try to sell me cards.smiley

Im buying marco if anyone can give me a little discount i would love to. thanks pm me. =)

Ok guys,as the title says......I'm looking for cheap Piranas i only have a few clintz so pls. lower the price a bit

I really need her but all i got is 14k
so is there any one willing to donate her
i know i'm asking for lot
also i got these card to offer
miken moose
i wish i can offer my best cards but i got to use them with misstwice cr
any one pm me

I'll buy john from the sentinals for 600 clintz

Close this post

I'll pay 350 for him, anyone?

wednesday 20/08/2008

Looking for any cards no one needs for 100 clintz

I will sell for lowest of 9500
pm wiv offers

Buying miss cholie for 8000 clintzs

How much is bryan

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