friday 13/06/2008

Lamar Cr is selling at a much higher price than all those cards together... You should add some more valuable cards or a lot more clintz to the deal. smiley

Ill tkae smokey for 1.5


I will take any crs for them 2

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I don't think you have the clintz for dj korr

Nistarok is the three headed dog. good luck hell dog

All crs sold mods please close this

I think vickie cost 27k and kolos only 14k smiley so.. it wont be an even

Thnx everyone and sorry for putting it in the wrong section...

God Bless,

I've an extra MCV

Well right now i'm looking for You to add 40k in cards or clintz

Please close

Buying hawkins dont bother pmin me just be the first to sell him to me cuz im only taking the first offer for 10,000 clintz good lucksmiley

Lennox for 1200

I need a Leviatonn really badly :S

Willing to trade cards of close to equal value :

Or a Multi-card trade if interested in either option let me know in a pm. (with the second one an idea as what your after would be appreciated)

Thank you

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Mods plz close

All for 10000

TopMaddog what La Junta have you got; I'm interested

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Mod's please close

Just pm me to make it easyer

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