saturday 12/07/2008

Close this plz thanx

Lock this i already got it

Lower than Market pleasesmiley

BOS how much for GLORG, Please lower than market.
Thanks smiley

Close this please

Close pls

Sasuke = Sakazuki (Sorry For Misspell)

Hes buying

Please CLOSE this thread, the other one is already open and I do not need 2 sales threads active. Thanks mods



i have 3k

friday 11/07/2008

Im buying it under 600 for lv 1,plz sell or negotiate.

Ill sell u akendram fully leveled up for 750

Please close sold him

Right there sold and went for 48000 see people wat a nice deal

Close this already have one

O ya this post is wrong close it plz

Good cards? lol my kolos is more than this

Hoping for a cheaper price because 2600 is market price.

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