tuesday 15/07/2008

Buying Eryik pm me price smiley

All first page of roots and sakrohm

im buying lower the market value

Close plz

Buying a kolos or a marco for 10 k

monday 14/07/2008

I'm looking for a Marlysa CR. I know it is really expensive and I have no where near the Clintz but have a large amount of cards. If you are interested in working something out please let me know

I have Carlos(C) and Stanford(C) PM me !!!!

I need Sting and Bloohd

I'm looking to buy / trade for Crs and Rares, and if possible, in bulk. Send me a PM with what Crs and Rares you are willing to sell and how much you want for them (along with any cards that you would want in the trade). I will not respond to any outrageous offers, and responses to these threads take a long time, so please send offers in PMs.

13167 for all of them 1197clintz each

Sold all, please close this thread

Ya i need some cards any card(s) off ur hands thanks plz pm me thankssmiley

Americans can use the French forums to trade. I've used them on several occasions, because they're the best place to find old CR's. Sure, there's a Sam Sum Cr being discussed here, but there are only a few players who could cut a deal for the card. There are dozens of people on the French forums who could make a competitive bid.

If you're going to use the French forums, make sure you follow the posting rules. Their forums are so much busier that the mods summarily reject any post that doesn't include the proper sale/exchange/auction tag. It's also good form to include your post in both French and English. The users instantly recognize google or babelfish translations and mercilessly hound anyone that tries to pass them off as natural French smiley

Selling lulabee for 5500 clintz

pm me for offers


Note, Mysterymason cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).


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Close please

My dalhia for your ratanah miken moose yookie and wee lee

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