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monday 15/09/2008

Make it cheaper please... Really can't afford the market... Y_Y

Im looking to collect all the Ulu Watu so msg me with wat you have for sale and a price.smileysmiley

Hi im searching banned cards in elo to make the weak but funny banned elo deck pm if you have one

Ok now none are left so please close this subject moderaters

Ill sell rubie for 2900

I buy>

zatman = 6k for maxed , 6.5k for new
burt = 450 for maxed , 500 for new
hawk = 3200 for maxed , 3800 new
lehane = 1700 maxed , 2k new
skinner = 900 mxed , 1100 new
copper = 6k maxed , 6.5k new
tessa cr = 60k maxed , 65k new(pm me)
dragan cr = 100k maxed , 120k new (pm me )
uranus = 3k maxed , 3.5k new
jackie = 9k maxed , 10k new
vermyn n = 7k maxed , 8k new
nanook = 1100 any level
gabriele = 3k maxed, 3.5k new
gaia = 3k maxed, 3.5k new

sell me direct smiley



Also buying:
mona (montana)

i buy them now!!!!!!!!!! sell me now!!!!!!
( no stupid prices)

Ok i got gheist wat would u like

Ill sell u bob joby amd mo difilco

That doesnt even make sense no one will buy it cause u raise the price the point of this is for lower than market prices

I'm buying stuff like rolph, toro, z3r0 d34d, zatman, nellie, and dorian. please pm me if you want to sell to me. please put some discount on it thank yousmiley

Looking for splata cr or best offer. Pm with offers

I will let you have ALLEN for 500 clintz and grazille if you give me five credits you can have one or the other but i hope you will take them both.

demon team.

Please Close this

I will sell you the ricardo card in his last form for 2000 clintz but what i really want for him is five credits you choose which one you will give me for him.

sunday 14/09/2008

Plz close this mods

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