friday 04/07/2008

Can anyone give me a cheap Graff under market value?

But if your trading 1 card and the other person is tradeing 2 you put yours up for the same

like if some1 was giveing you 2 for 50 and you were givin them 1 you would put it up for 100

Kinjomania i will sell you Hattori maxxed for 3400

I sold them now

That is the lowest price for a level 3 yayoi. also, 900 xp isn't very much used.

Yes! i need olga and soushee and i need them now!
i will pay in clintz
please pm me!

I have both

Below market price plz...

I know Foenix1 I'm looking for a Juicy Lord but noones offered and I know how to private buy

Can anybody sell me a Shakra or Striker for cheaper price?? Please?

Vickie for all

thursday 03/07/2008

Can some1 close this

Plz clost this

I'm exchanging my 3 Baby q ( any level u want 0xp or max ) for 2 lulabee any level smileysmiley

pm me for faster response smileysmiley

Close please

I got a winner!! somebody is selling for 600 clintz

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