friday 25/07/2008

Ill sell you Havok for 9k

He cant sell

Just some advice, noone is going to sell you ANY card for 100 clintz. The worst card in the Game is around 180. If you dont believe me, look at Diego.
Anyway, good luck at youre collectionsmiley


I agree but morlha does kill kolo kenny dalhai hawkin and rest of pirana and nightmare also freaks too

Give a number less than at then market and i will buy it smiley of trade a Banger any thing E.X. WILLY

Just contact me and maybe u can get this card

Nope unless you trade a card to the other person for only 50 clintz each

All for bristone,xu52,toro,methane,rolph and Z3r0 D34d

thursday 24/07/2008

I have bb cool g for 600

How much for Vladimir?

Do u need bodenpower?

How about 9000

Why would someone need 38?

4500 for him

Sorry kolos has gon up 16000

Hey, as the title says im lookin for a CHEAP zatman. i dont have very many clintz at the moment. just like 2k or so and was just wondering if there are any of you out there generous enough to help me out. thanks a million.

Hi, i am looking for a bree, if anyone has one, preferrably lvl1 i will buy it from u for 630 clintz, i know it isnt market price but its all i have

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