thursday 03/07/2008

I got a winner!! somebody is selling for 600 clintz

Close please.

I got it and I can sell it for 1000 clintz on level 5.

Please close mods

This is now closed

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How much vansaar uhm 800???

I am buying elly mae with the meg i am buying. I already got somebody who is willing to sell it for 600 clintz. So i am making auctions now!

Mods please close I found a few people wishing to sell

Buy Baby Q at 2000 clint


Um he can trade but to he hawe to seal many cards whose amount is like general cr so it is like he can't trade

Put it in my ps

Trade eyrik fully evolved for amber 1*

I know.... also i will trade ur 0xp leaders for my full xp leaders

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