saturday 31/05/2008

I really dont have much rigth now... so i have post my need here... im looking for Elly Mae
for 600 clintz and hoping some one well sell me thank you

Im buying any Leader for 700 clintz please private trade me if you wish to sell or just let me know

Can som 1 close this please smiley

Everyone is bitches.smiley you herd me

Sell me zdrone for 50 and erika for 50

I'm trying to trade for Lyssa seeing into it that only one person ever sales her and her price is so high she'd never be sold. I want just that one cad, name your offer, will to part with other CR's and Rares i have for her

Non maxed
cheap around 2000

Please private message me or post your message here and by the way i have 3 Hattori

I'm looking for anyone who has Rare or Uncommon Nightmare cards who is willing to sell them to me cheap.

Moderators please close this because i have gotten Wardog.

Yes I did it and I won Esmeralda thank you so much man.

Mods please close i have sold Bryan

Mods close this i got my leviatonn!!!

How much you pay

Dude ur gettin anita for 1250 on the market

Can i buy Miranda?

You are paying way to little

??? no one ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one just tell me if u want it

Dude just check out game rules...........................................smileysmileysmiley

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