saturday 31/05/2008

Moderators please close this because i have gotten Wardog.

Yes I did it and I won Esmeralda thank you so much man.

Mods please close i have sold Bryan

Mods close this i got my leviatonn!!!

How much you pay

Dude ur gettin anita for 1250 on the market

Can i buy Miranda?

You are paying way to little

??? no one ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one just tell me if u want it

Dude just check out game rules...........................................smileysmileysmiley

Ill give u a petra, trinmkkt, phonos n gastroboy which adds urto almost 3000 clintz for 2500clintz....................^__smiley__^

Anyone haiz eet?

Okay, ignore this thread! I guess I'll just have to make another 400 ctz to buy him on the market

Chibi, you are crazy? Spirit king, how about 99,999 clintz? smileysmiley

Lapu - Lapu (R)
3 Stars this will be a coll card hihihi thank leaveton
Power: 8
Damage: 7
Ability: Stop Opponent Ability

YOu can get it for less on market, you know smiley

Mods, close this, i'll set up a new thread as i have more cards to sell

That adds up to around 16k (being generous) smiley

Buying graff..

put your offers here..

0- invoker

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