monday 07/07/2008

Then this thing should close then

At that price you will only get:
nobody wil sell you:
These Leader are worth from 2000 and go over 200000
so if your hoping any offers i say stop dreaming

Full deck cause i got kenny kolos and giga in the same packet with other cards but just they 3 gor me around 22k smiley

I only need Marina Striker and Ambre

I Have 2 Give You Them Both For 1k There Both On Level 3

I Have 1

Sell You It For 200 Molly

I am wanting to buy bloodh for 17000 to finish of my piranahs collection

Old thread

Jesus, this sale was made soooo long ago...

mods - plz close this old thread, as somebody has dug it up

Note, jaykayjk1 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Ill give you 6l8 for l@m@r

Even if u borught credits u cant sell because u only have 8 cards
Level 5
151 battle points
22 fights including 5 wins.
Novice, 8 characters out of 386.
2% of total collection Rankings

All sold please close

If you can sell 4k?

5000 good? It's all I have.

Man thats to much cash yosmiley

sunday 06/07/2008

Vholt - 150k
Eklore - 40k
Ambrose - 65k

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