sunday 06/07/2008

Mathane i forgot the e at the end

To anybody who wants to sell their leaders Timber Hugo Bridget for 750 just pm me

O and i will add some montana and money fi u want

saturday 05/07/2008

Im looking for level 1 cards of any clan and any card just pm me or leave a comment of what you would want and what card you have.

Don, edd And murphy for 4000

I Have Wanda and Charlie

I will give you 992 for william

I offer Vickie and Elivra for both

I have all these Montana for sale:

Close this please...just got him

I will trade ulu watu freaks or junkz

Aktara andsom cyan deadeye gran vista katan meyhem rhed smokey spycee trey tyd

all maxed

post your offers here or pm me

What do u get

Anybody would like to sell me Z3r0 D34d for 2300 clitnz just pm me....

150 clintz and a freak

Cody Dayton and 1000c for it?
Later its prize will be less than now.

I am looking for money now

I need max cards of:

janine(Max) for 200 or 220
sydney(max) for 400 or 450

Fang Pi Clang
Sai San (max) for 300
Windy Mor(lvl2 or max) for 500 to 550
yusuke(max) for 300

gastroboy(max) for 300 - 350

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