sunday 29/06/2008

Sorry mate thats a bit low total of those cards is only about 13-14k 16k at best


saturday 28/06/2008


Maybe ur should make a weekly stock charts on all cards to find out if they are incresing in price or dropping. this will be very useful if you need money but don't no wat cards will make you profit

Im sellin it for 3k now anyway

Hi i´d like to buy Kenny for 14 400 clintz fast deal just send me a message and a privat sale and il buy him!

i´m also interesed in buying kolos and Leviatonn but not right now i need to save up some more Clintz first smiley

That´s all Have a Nice Day smiley smiley

I'm looking for here. If you have her and want to get rid of her post that you have her and what you want for her.

What do you have to trade for a charlie

Swapping my elle mae for your emma any offers

Nobody is going to lose that much money since the cards are waaaayyyyy much more valuable than that.
Make a decent offer if you want any one to sell them.

I could give u a mayhem lvl 4. Rhed lvl 3 and a smokey lvl 3.

I have an extra Xia Leming

You want Selsya CR?

The Cards I Am Selling Are:

Dacha Macha
Mort Bax
Noon Stevens
Billy Bob

All Are Max Levels
If You Want Any Please PM Me

Thats because i have so many doubles.....first one to pm me wins...

Can some1 close this

How much for deadeye?

Willing to buy at 31k for Kerozinn Cr and 28k for miss twice

can add 2k more if 0xp, still negotiable

Even with generous valuations, that's only about 150k in cards. Dragan Cr has been as low as 169k on the market in the last few weeks, but he usually sells for 190-200k. The offer will probably have to be upped a bit to get someone to bite.

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