tuesday 27/05/2008

Buying any card that when you check its history is from 06. I'll pay 1k (maybe more.).

To check its history, you go to your collection, click a card and then scroll down a bit. To ensure I won't get scammed, either take a picture and post the link/pm it, or sell it to me for 50 and sell another card to me for 1100 and I'll sell it back for 50. If they are really scarce I'll up the price I'll pay but don't expect me to shell out 10k for a Bob Joby from 06.

Don't post here asking for something free. You can bump this all you want, chit chat what ever. Thanks for reading.

Allyfung - plz read..... i already said kolos is gone
killer-A - wht are u offering for?

2k for one of them

Robb -2k
Loma Noju -2k
Windy Mor - 600
Kati -800
Miranda -1100
if u have any sentiel, allstars or fang pi cards sell me it other than that sell these to me

Buying sentienl all stars and fang pi calls

Sorry for my last post [June 5] i didnt copy the bottom thing and posted the thing i had copied sorry.

Note, Zaronzale cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I am buying cards to 200 to 400 clintz at lv 1 or max

Relitvly noob at this whole game, anyone got any advice/hints/free stuff?

monday 26/05/2008


Sell all of 'em then you'll get the right price to buy kenny thats what i've done when im in your position wanting kenny smiley

Matty can you go to 50,000?

Trading multiple Uncommons and Rares for Marina! Message me if you have her.

Wat card do u want il giv u almost any1 u want

Need like 2 Gwens from the pussycats


Could someone tell me how much clintz they would sell these people

At any level

smiley lots of people just dont tend to be that honest...i lost a lot of clintz before just because of thatsmiley
smileyhowever, some people gave me hope by just their simple supporting ways..God bless everyonesmiley

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