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friday 16/10/2009

This is it fixed now


Join Ppl and see what the fun Look like smiley

thursday 15/10/2009

Join Evil Resurrected

So far we've gotten some great players who feel like family already! Come join the Organized Konfusion family to see what you're missing! smiley

Guild:711410 smiley

Modz, please close this thread. Thank you! smiley

Yes sensei

wednesday 14/10/2009

Looking for a fun active guild!


Im on the lookout for a new guild, since my current one is inactive. A place where people can discuss tactics and give tips etc. Im not into any serious stuff(yet!). You just need to be active and mature.

About me:

- Im a new player, only played 5 days. But i allready feel i got into the game. I play with Piranas,Gheist,Nightmare and Sakrohm.

Age: 20
Nation: Denmark



Next person to join becomes an administrator even if under level 15

Hey guys. We have a good foundation now and a great Strategy section in our Guild board. If you are interested in being a part of the Sound Guild. Don't hesitate to join. We want you.


Close Please

Thanks Mods smiley

tuesday 13/10/2009

Im courently looking for a guild i am an admini but no active players other then me in the guild
pm mesmiley
this is the link to my current preset

Join sanity smiley

we could always use more people smiley

Please go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild:715622 for more information.

OK folks, how are ya, hope you're all well. Here's the last bump I'm goping to make on this thtread as we are ready to move forward to naming the guild and other guild business. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. We will prob start off with about 10 people, which isnt bad. So hit me up.

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