wednesday 02/07/2008

I am selling vickie lv5 for 22500 on the market

Juts privet Sale me a.s.a.p


Got havok and miss chloe so kolos for chloe and 7k

Wait scarlett u am a lvl 22 i highly doubt u got 55k

All gone mods close please

Buying jackie 9k smileysmileysmiley

Sorry both closed

Looing for cheap tanner pm me for offers...

Note, ZikaZao cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

sorry, you can't sell them...

Vickie ..!!! for 21.500 k max lvlsmiley

deal just p.m me..!!smiley

Mods please close

Forget last post

Je cherche marlysa a 200 000 et je donne vickie avec !
i seek marlysa to 200 000 and i give with vickie !

I want to trade but i will consider clintz pm me with offers

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