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thursday 28/08/2008

Got one.. close

I will give you ambre with 8k for beltren cr sell it to me in private!

Pm me. and how many, but not too many.. hehe

Im looking for the ff. cards :




pm your prefer price....

Admins Please close. All cards have been sold

Thats abit imposs its to cheap no point

Buying hikiyousan 5300

I have noon stevens and alice if u want them trade im looking for junkz

Im buying vickie
i have 23000 atm
message me for a deal
or just send me sale

Wow this post confunes me alot until i read it about 5 more times "Haey im buy or selling i need Kolos"

Note, Toxik123 cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

so he cant trade u

Im buyign Taham for 6000 clintzsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 27/08/2008

If u sale cards just put them in sale private n ill buy them

I am looking to TRADE AWAY the following cards:

pm me with offers

2.500 for Gertrud

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